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SEO for Local Businesses

FuturityWEB specialises in providing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services to meet the requirements of local businesses. As a Table View based SEO firm, we naturally specialise in helping clients within Cape Town and surrounding areas, however, Local SEO is Local SEO and we are happy to work with clients Nationally. Fact is we have clients in St. Helena Bay (Cape West Coast), Kwazulu-Natal, Gauteng and Mauritius.

Getting a website ranked on Page One of Google is easy. Getting it ranked in front of your ideal prospective customer is another thing entirely and that’s where the money is… Let us help your future customers find you!

Provision of Local SEO Services in Cape Town (South Africa)

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is the process of optimising your website to improve its visibility within the Search Engines results pages (SERPs). In other words; if a potential clients is searching for a product or service your business provides; they should be able to find your website quickly and easily.

Google is the most popular of Search Engines, used locally so we focus our Local SEO Services on optimising for Google. Bing, Yahoo and other major Search Engines are considered and we make every effort to meet the requirements of all.

Why Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is a long-term strategy which over time will continue to drive traffic (visitors) to your website long after it’s implementation. A local business website that has it’s SEO done correctly can benefit from long-term FREE organic Traffic, freeing itself from the continued rising cost of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

FACT: As long as Internet users (your potential customers) are using Search Engines to find information, products and/or services using Keywords, SEO will remain one of the primary and most affordable methods of getting your business (or business website) found online.

* All SEO Plans are monthly installment subject to a minimum period of 3-Months.

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SEO Tasks Explained

In order for you to fully benefit from our Search Engine Optimisation Services you need to understand the complexities involved. General SEO methods consists of two facets. The first being what is is physically done on your actual website (On-Page SEO) and the second being what is done elsewhere on the Internet to promote your website (Off-Page SEO).

On-Page SEO Services

Off-Page SEO Services

People are naturally impatient these days and just will not wait around for a website to load. Having a fast loading website not only helps in the efforts to rank high but it also increases your conversion rate. We will perform a speed test on your homepage and send you a link to the speed test report which you can then pass onto your developer to optimise the speed as the report explains exactly what is wrong and what needs to be fixed.
By analysing your main competitors who are ranking on that first page for your main targeted phrase, it will allow us to judge the timescale you should allow in order to secure a top ranking. We will send you all the website metrics of your competitors against your own website.
It is important that the search engines can spider through your complete website without hitting any broken links that point to pages that no longer exist. We will check your website and report any broken links so you can point them to a live page or remove them.
Having an XML sitemap attached to your website and linking it to your Google Webmaster Tools account helps the new pages on your website get listed faster. A sitemap is basically a list of all the website pages attached to your URL. Most website software systems come with an XML sitemap built in these days but if it doesn’t we will create one and upload it to your website.
Unless your website is hosted on a brand new domain, it is important that all the existing links pointing to your website conform to all search engine guidelines. We will perform an analysis on all your existing links and send you a list of all links we have deemed to be bad.
We will create a formatted file of all your bad back links and submit this file through the Google Disavow Tool. This will tell Google to ignore the listed links when deciding where to rank your website.
A citation is any page on the internet that displays your company name, business address including post code as well as your telephone number. We will check all your existing citations to ensure the details are correct and send you any that needs to be changed.
For our local package we will research new places where we can submit a citation of your business. Building correct citations month on month helps your website to rank for your targeted local based phrases.
This is now one of the top things Google look at when deciding where to rank your website so it is important that we build up the social signals for your website. Social signals are third party people sharing a link to your website on their own social media accounts on various platforms. We do this by asking our thousands of loyal followers to share your website on their own social media platforms. Although it is not highly targeted, it does have a positive effect on your websites’ social metrics and rankings. Each month we will send you a screenshot report showing how many times (in total) your website has been shared over the various platforms. We will mainly work on gaining social shares from Google+ as this carries the most weight. We are not however able to provide you with details of who has shared your website URL.
We reach out to blog owners and get them to write a piece of content related to your industry then naturally link to your website somewhere within the article. We have already built up good relationships with hundreds of blog owners so securing quality links will not be a problem. NOTE: We do not control the content or the link.
We will require you to create a free account on using your own email address and send us your slideshare login details. is a high authority website which can generate a massive amount of brand awareness. We create a PowerPoint presentation on a subject related to your business which will also be branded to you. We then upload this slide to your own slideshare account and fully optimise it. It has been known that one of these slides outrank your own website for your targeted phrases.
If your purchased package includes a video, we will require you to create an account on the top three video sharing platforms using your own email address and send us the login details for each.
We will take images from your website and create a branded video of your business including images, text, transition effects, background music and solid call to actions. We will then upload your completed video to all three main video sharing sites, ensuring we fully optimise the video for optimum brand exposure.

It is important that the phrases you are ranked on the first page for actually get searched. During our keyword research we will look for targeted phrases that get searched but also your target customers’ use.
With some industries, it happens that things that are being searched this month does not always get searched every month so each month we will review your selected list of keywords to see if they are still the best ones to get your website ranked for.
Each week we will email an update report to you which will show where your targeted phrases are ranking compared to last week. The report will also include all the latest backlinks picked and your analytical stats. This way you can see the progress of your campaign week by week.
You will receive access to our ranking software portal where you can login anytime you wish to check your ranking results. We update the results on a daily basis so you receive a live view.
We will request that you send your Google account details to us. If you do not have a Google account, we will send you instructions on how to set this up.
It is important to monitor the visitors clicking through to your website. By installing Analytics on your website will provide us with essential data to see how effective your campaign is. If you do not have this setup already – we will sort it out for you.
By installing webmaster tools on your website it will allow us to see if there are any crawl errors or page not found errors on your website. It is important that there are no errors on your website as Google also look at the user experience when deciding where to rank your website. If you do not have this setup already – we will sort it out for you.

Creating a business page on Google, allows us to tell Google you exist by adding all your essential business information to your Google Plus page.

This relates to our local package. In order to rank for local based phrases it is important that your Google Local listing details all your correct business location information.

In order for us to optimise your website so it is search engine friendly we require you to send us the login details to the admin area of your website. If you prefer not to provide your login details, or if you prefer to use your own Webmater, we can send you a report on what changes need to be made.

We will login to your website and ensure that the homepage of your website is fully optimised for your main target phrase. This will not alter anything graphically as we tweak the coding and text on the page.

Once we have completed the homepage optimisation, we will send you a report detailing what optimisation grade your homepage has. This will always be a grade A unless we have restricted access.

A landing page is any inner page on your website that needs to be optimised for one of your targeted phrases. As part of our service we will ensure the pages which relate to your selected phrases are fully optimised.

Once we have optimised all your keyword related inner pages, we will send you a grader report showing how well optimised these pages are.

Although we complete the optimisation on your website in the first month, it is important that we review this on a monthly basis and tweak things if required as it may be the case that you have added something on your website that has changed the optimisation grade.

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