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Which Social Media Platform is right for your Business?

Social Media For Local Businesses

The biggest mistake most businesses make when approaching Social Media, is to sign-up with too many Social platforms at once. Not all businesses are made equal; nor are the clients you are trying to attract. It is critical to find out where your ideal customers are hanging out before investing any time, or effort into Social Media Marketing.

Experience has taught us which Social Media Channels work best for local businesses in South Africa. Our clients are generally small to mid-size businesses with minimal staff and small budgets for Social Media Marketing. Knowing this ensures that the Social Media Services provided are well suited to your requirements.

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Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use?

Answer these simple questions and you will probably have your answer…

  • Which Social Platforms are your competitors using with Success.
  • Which Social Platforms will drive traffic to your website/blog.
  • Which Social Media Sites are your potential customers using.
  • Which Social Media Channels are popular in South Africa.
  • Which Social Media Platforms are you comfortable with.

 Tip: Don’t get coerced into over extending your Social Media presence. At the very least you should be using Facebook & Google My Business (Google+)

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Claim your business on GoogleMaps

Using the Google My Business Platform we Add/Edit your Business Listing to secure your location on GoogleMaps. Overall Google My Business improves local search results, mobile search results and makes it easier for your potential customers to find or contact your business. We regard this as an ‘Essential Service’ for any local business.

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Facebook Business Pages

Facebook is probably the biggest Social Media site currently being used by your customers, your new potential customers and probably by your competitors. Due to it’s popularity and the fantastic marketing tools available within Facebook, it comes highly recommended, if not an essential component in a well-rounded online marketing strategy. We highly recommend you have a Facebook Business Page for your business.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a Powerhouse when it comes to driving clicks or traffic to a Website or Blog. It is NOT a platform we use to it’s full potential, but when integrated with your company blog it can be used to automatically increase your followers and drive traffic to your website/blog. For this reason, we recommend local businesses have a Twitter Page.

Google+ and Google My Business

If you only ever decide to use one Social Platform, then Google+ My Business is the one that we recommend EVERY Local Business use. Why; because of it’s integration with Google+, GoogleMaps and YouTube. Every business should be on GoogleMaps and Google+ My Business allows you to verify your business location and company details on GoogleMaps. Companies with well implemented Google My Business Pages also benefit from improved rankings on Google’s Search Results, particularly when users are searching for area specific products/services.

LinkedIn Profiles & Pages

If you want to hang-out where other business professionals hang-out, LinkedIn is the Social Media platform for you. We highly recommend LinkedIn for you as an individual (personal profile) and for your business (Business Page). If you are a business that provides Business-to-Business Services (B2B), then this Social Platform is a must have. As mentioned before; go where ‘your people’ are and business professionals are on LinkedIn.

How Can We Help YOU with YOUR Social Media?

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Marketing using Video is the biggest trend in Online Marketing today. YouTube is also the second biggest Search Engine in the world with people searching for videos on almost anything and everything imaginable. Needless to say, if you intend using these platforms, you will need the Videos to upload to your account(s). These can be anything from simple slide-shows to product sales and/or various how to videos if applicable.

Popular Social Media Networks for Business

More Social Media Platforms to chose

Other Social Sites and Social Bookmarking

As a Search Engine Marketing Business, we mainly use and implement Social Media Strategies to build Brand Awareness and to help with Website Traffic Generation. There are way too many Social Networks and/or Social Bookmarking Sites to mention, but if you have a need for anything beyond what we’ve listed above let us know and we will do our best to help you. At the end of the day; “Your Success is Our Success”

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