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Social Media For Local Businesses

Activity and Task based Social Media Services for Local Businesses.
Monthly, Annual and Once-Off Payment Options Available.

Social Media can expose your Business and/or Brand to new potential customers in many ways, but only when done correctly.

It’s really not that difficult; there we said it, but it is most definitely time-consuming, which is why agencies usually charge so much to manage your social media accounts.

We are different; we offer Task based services that comprise mainly of account setup and optimisation, content creation and content scheduling.

This is truly a “get what you pay for” Social Media Service designed to deliver single tasks at affordable rates to help you grow your Social Media following and interactions…

Social Media Content Creation and Posting


Social Media Services

Our Activity or Task based Social Media Services include the following…

Account Creation / Optimisation

Available Username Research
Setup up of Social Profiles
Business Info Optimisation
Optimal Branding
Seed Content

Social Media Graphics (Media)

Logo Creation and/or Re-sizing
Cover Image / Cover Video Creation
Newsfeed Post Template Design
PPC Ad Template Design
Gif or Video Creation

Content Posting

Blog to Social Auto-Posting
Content Creation and Scheduling
Content Scraping and Sharing

Creation/Posting Only!


We provide simple task based services to HELP with your Social Media Marketing.
We are not a Social Media Management Agency & do not interact with your followers.


Social Media Covers


Social Media Channels

These are the Social Media Platforms we can assist you with by performing single tasks daily, weekly or monthly.
We do not manage Social Media Accounts; but can assist with Setup, Content Creation and Scheduled Posting.


Facebook is still the biggest Social Media site in 2021, with Instagram and YouTube close on it’s heels.

Due to it’s popularity and the fantastic marketing tools available within Facebook, it comes highly recommended, if not an essential component in a well-rounded online marketing strategy.

We highly recommend having a Facebook Business Page and possibly a Facebook Group if it fits with your brand/niche.


In 2017 Instagram became the new Social Media Powerhouse and today, it has exceeded the initial expectations when it comes to growth. It’s acquisition by Facebook definitely helped it become the success story it is today.

It is definitely a platform that can be utelised to grow brand and product awareness and with some smart ‘jacking’ can be used to drive traffic and leads to your website.

Instagram Ads are also pretty effective.


Marketing using Video is the biggest trend in Online Marketing today.

YouTube is also the second biggest Search Engine in the world with people searching for videos on almost anything and everything imaginable.

Since people follow you by subscribing to your channel and are able to comment, it gets classified as a Social Media Platform.

It’s awesome for brand building and traffic generation.


Pinterest is a firm favourite, where people and/or businesses can post (pin) images or videos they find interesting.

We like Pinterest because it doesn’t take up too much time and it’s great for generating free traffic to your website or sales pages.

If you have an e-commerce business or sell any sort of Products or Services online, you should have a Pinterest Business Page.

Pinterest is a great source of traffic for your website and Pinterest users are known to be buyers.


Twitter is a Powerhouse when it comes to driving clicks or traffic to a Website or Blog.

It is NOT a platform we use to it’s full potential, but when integrated with your company blog it can be used to automatically increase your followers and drive traffic to your website/blog.

Twitter has a massive ‘influencer’ following and if you can get their attention your brand can soar to new heights.


If you want to hang-out where other business professionals hang-out, LinkedIn is the Social Media platform for you.

We highly recommend LinkedIn for you as an individual (personal profile), to open new opportunities and for your business (Business Page) to build leads, sales and business relationships.

If you are a business that provides Business-to-Business Services (B2B), then this Social Platform is a must have.


Which Social Media Platforms

We are of the opinion that you should register and secure your Social Media Username on ALL the mainstream Social Channels.
You don’t need to be active on them all: but it’s important to secure the @username for your business for possible use.

TOP TIP: Register and setup all your accounts and link to your website from each.
Then; focus your marketing efforts on the channels that will benefit you most…

We can do this setup for you…